Rocks VS Crystals

Hola everyone! We wanted to share with you information about the difference between rocks and crystals from the personal opinion of one of our teachers Arturo.

We noticed that every time someone or a customer comes to the store and asks Arturo about what would be the best rock or crystal for them, Arturo uses his intuition to recommend the correct one for the customer. One of the most common questions is, what is the difference between rocks and crystals?

We loved the perspective of our healer because he said that you should use a rock primarily for grounding purposes and crystals for projections.

Rocks are great as a focal point to ground yourself and make you feel more in your human reality and of course be more aware of what is really going on in your life, more balance!

Crystals are better to project your thoughts or desires. Yes, crystals are very powerful to record intentions and send them to the universe. They have great capacity and a solid vibration that will allow your focal point to expand.

Remember this is Arturo’s general rule for rocks and crystals but you may prefer to know which one or what kind you should have or work with, based on your vibrational needs to attract or reject in your current situation.

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Happy day!

b-intuitive team.

P.S. If you want to know more about rocks and crystals we carry the best books for you to learn about their properties and look so you can probably become an expert!

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