How to Survive The Coronavirus Outbreak As An Empath?

Dear Empath,

A strange virus is making people sick around the world. Sadly people are dying because of this pandemic, and our political and social system wasn’t ready to deal with something this big and to be honest, neither were we. 

Our family and friends just talk about it… and we can feel everything! We feel the anxiety, the uncertainty, the worries, the sadness and not just yours but everyone else’s !! 

But…how to survive this situation? 

You dear empath, have the superpower to feel what other people feel, and this superpower is not to make you miserable for the rest of your life! 

If you are empathetic, it is because your soul has the strength to take those emotions, process them and heal others! Yes! You can go from being a sad empath to a powerful healer!! 

But…What can you do? 

1. Meditate: Learn to control your emotions through meditation and breathing. You will be surprised how much you can advance putting into practice this step! 

2. Identify your emotions: What thoughts are causing those emotions? Are the emotions yours or from the people around you? 

3. Learn from other healers who have been through this: Having a teacher or a guide will be incredibly helpful to you! Don’t know of any healers? Well don’t worry! We have lots of healers at the store ready to help you! Just call us at (619)296-1560 and our healers will do the rest! 

4. Use healing stones and essential oils to help you to find your center and stand your ground: We have a variety of things that can help you a lot. For example: The combination of the amethyst stone with lavender essential oil will help you to feel calm, while black tourmaline and peppermint essential oil will help you to clean bad energies and give you mental clarity. Call our Healing Center and ask for a specific healing combination for your needs! 

In conclusion we are living in a difficult time, but, dear empath you have a mission to give emotional healing to help people!! This is the time for you to grow spiritually and emotionally. We are here for you! Remember, people around you need you!

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