How to protect yourself from negative energy.

There are many reasons why you need to protect yourself from negative energy. Whether you are a very sensitive person or just going through draining moments, it is good to know what techniques to use to balance your energy and return to your center.
If you find yourself having negative thoughts, lowering your productivity level, or feeling totally out of balance, you should try the following techniques.
  • Use a smoky quartz to clean and protect yourself:  Smoky quartz has different properties. Some of the most important are to create a protective energy barrier that will protect you from negative energies. Smoky quartz will bring you mental and physical protection. It is an excellent stone to remove negative energy and transform it into positive.
  • Meditate: One way to get back to your center when you are being attacked by negative energies is to meditate. Focus on your breathing and imagine that you are inside a black bubble. That bubble will serve as an energy shield to protect you from the bad energies in your environment.
  • Quick Limpia: If you feel really affected by an energetic situation or if you think that you are victim of psychic attack, I recommend you look for a Quick Limpia. The quick limpia cleanses the body, the mind and the soul of negative energy and thoughts. It is normally used to eliminate blocks. A Quick limpia can also remove witchcraft and spells and help the affected person feel much better.
    After a cleanse you will feel light, happy and full of positive energy.

At B Intuitive we have the best psychics and healers specializing in Quick Limpias. They will help you and guide you in the process of feeling better and recovering your positive energy.

Please call us at 619-296-1560 to schedule an appointment.  Our appointment can be done online or by phone.

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