Mechanical Consciousness

Mechanical Consciousness 

Right now we are going through a restructuring of the economy of the world and how humans are “suppose to” behave and think. We are being forced to think in a different way which has nothing to do with creative thinking. 

Let’s talk about consciousness. When we talk about collective consciousness, it is like this cloud that is full of information that comes as a thought directly into our mind and our brain, and we process those thoughts. We process just one thought consciously. Subconsciously we can process thousands and thousands of thoughts every second. Thoughts are like sub atomic particles that we are able to get through and bodies and start having good bad thinking etc. 

This collective consciousness is divided in levels of energy that in this case called frequencies. When we connect to a certain frequency we start feeling in a certain way that sometimes does not allow us to think correctly. Sometimes you may get ideas or things come to you that are not your thoughts. When we have these connections we start feeling and acting in a certain way.

Right now people are having a really hard time. They are having a personal crisis. Now is such an important time to be sharing positive things with people so we can feel better. It is all about feeling.

This collective consciousness allows us to have our feelings. This is to help us grow and understand. How much can you understand? How much can you really understand what is happening in your life? 

Unfortunately when we have bigger situations a lot of people have a hard time to assimilate what they are really feeling because those feelings will either make you feel bad. It is a choice even though sometimes you may not feel it is a choice.

Mechanical Consciousness– We are talking mechanical consciousness because the reality of how consciousness really works is that it can be very mechanical. It was set up in that way. Like a computer that runs a program in a certain way, the collective consciousness like a program that is completely working all the time with our thought and thinking process. When we see this thought and thinking process of us being able to assimilate things that we never even thought about, that is when our life starts to be either in good quality or bad quality of life. 

What can we do to overcome this mechanical consciousness? We need to understand a very specific and wonderful power that we have. We have this amazing power! THE POWER OF CHOICE! We have the choice of what we want to see what we want to heart and most importantly what we want to believe. Human beings are here to believe whatever we want! That is an interesting and important thing.

So the question is what do you BELIEVE about everything that is happening? What you believe is what makes those emotions run within yourself and it is those emotions will either help you to have a better life or not! This collective consciousness is mechanical is making you act and think in a certain way. Unfortunately humans in the world lost a lot of power and gave it to a few people that control everything. It is important to start thinking what do we really want as humanity?? What do we really want in our personal lives?? What do we really want knowing that WE CAN CHOICE what we want even thought feelings get into our heads.

Mechanical consciousness is when you start collecting all of those thoughts such as fear, the fear base. You are connecting to that frequency that is set up in that way.

You have a choice to modify the frequency you are connecting to. The most important part that is getting lost right now is that we are NOT using our creative thinking. Meaning you creating something for yourself that you are going to be making your life better. You adding that to the collective consciousness where someone can pick up on your thinking and they can start making things better. 

The universe is mechanical too and everything has a certain order and humans have a certain order of behavior. When we are having this certain order of behavior, we have realized we have gathered so much information from people to see what can trigger people and what can cause people to have reactions. It is important we know what is going on so we can start making different choices. People are not able to see where we are going right now. 

There is this restructuring of the world economy that is going on behind the curtains. We gave the power to those that have it now and that is how it is. We need to figure out how we can make things better and how we are going to go through all of these things. The thing you need to understand about mechanical consciousness is that you can reprogram yourself using the principe of adaptation. How well are you adapting to this situation? This is very important to ask yourself this. Is this a situation where I am going to be better? Is this going to change me? This is important to understand and ask yourself how that can be done.

What can determine what type of connection, what level of connection or what type of frequency you are going to be connecting to in the mechanical collective consciousness? 

Well a lot of that has to do with your own person energy. Are you taking care of yourself? Are you working out? Are you taking care of yourself with your food? That is just from the psychical. In another way what type of food are you putting in your head? Are you watching the news and making yourself feel bad? That is the type of reprogramming you are doing to yourself. This is happening in a way that everybody is getting that reprogrammation. The people in control know how to trigger the masses and put them in fear. It all depends upon your level of consciousness and some are more conscious then others.

What can we do to start reprogramming ourselves in a positive way?

  1. We can stop watching the news
  2. Meditate or relax- Anything that has to do with helping you to clear your emotional blocks. 
  3. Start thinking more optimistic and positive and share that with others
  4. Affirmations everyday- Repeat certain things that you want everyday over and over again to reprogram yourself 
  5. Exercise

This reprogramming will help to make you stronger to use your power of choice! 

One of the things humanity needs to know is that we need to stop the bullies. We are not liking what is happening but we allowed this to happen at some point. This is our time to get things back and track.

This is a crucial time for humanity to keep moving in its evolution. Hopefully one day we will be able to see a better humanity! 

Habits come from mechanical consciousness. Throughout your life you have had so many different thinking that just comes to you nobody taught you that and you keep repeating that thinking even though it is not your thinking. That thinking gets you into an emotion and that emotion gets you into an action and that action that constant action creates habits. Could be good habit and or bad habits in which case it becomes a burden. 

The collective mechanical consciousness is already set up that way. Question is can we modify it? Can we change it? The answer is YES!!!! When you become more conscious of what is happening in the world, when you care then the collective consciousness starts to change. There is something in quantum mechanics that has to do with his frequency vibrations that we are all connected to which are actually managing our lives. It is all about particles. Arturo calls these thought particles. These thought particles comes from that collective consciousness and can be very mechanical. It can make you keep doing things the same way over and over and can get you trapped. A lot of people feel trapped in life and it becomes difficult to get out of there. It becomes your second nature. Once that happens you do it automatically all the time. 

How do you stop thinking? In order to understand how this works, the direct function of breath or breathing works directly with our thought and thinking process.

  1. One of the things is our nerves in our eyes. When the nerve crosses it makes the brain stop thinking for a moment. It means that if you look at your own finger and you cross your eyes for a moment the thought and thinking pattern will be interrupted. 
  2. The other thing is breathing. The way that you breath. You start asking yourself questions and get into worry and fear. A good way to stop this is to change your breathing pattern. Breath 10 times fast and the last one breath deep. After this you will notice your thought and thinking process stops.

These are simple tools you can use to stop the thoughts. You can also choose to distract yourself with something different. When you start distracting yourself, distract yourself with the total opposite. For example if you are thinking and in fear of losing something, start thinking of gaining something. Are you sad? Find something happy! 


What is is with this restructuring? We will start to see the world in an entirely different way. Economics, human rights, some things will be positive and some things people may not like. 

Reprogramming this is going to be with the effort you are going to make. How are you going to change the habits in your life? Question is are you happy with the way things are going in your personal life? In order to change the world we need to take a look at ourselves and our personal life. Ask yourself, Am I projecting something good? Am I sharing something good in life? 

What type of programming do you have? What type of programming is happening in your life and how are you reacting to things out there?

At a certain point there will be no more cash so things can be more controlled. 

There are less opportunities right now for everyone but the main opportunity is for basics right now. 

Collective consciousness is very mechanical and it could actually make you act in a different way. You can get stuck in a very low frequency vibration and not get out of it. You get stuck in a little box. You need to connect yourself to a higher vibration and energy.

YOU OWN YOUR LIFE! You may feel like you can not do anything right now but you can by taking care of yourself. You can reprogram yourself!

Eat well! Have nutrients, exercise, mediation is important and can help you to reprogram yourself. 

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Channeled by Arturo Gaitan during CoMedytation Class on Friday 4/10/20