New Beginnings

Yesterday was the start of a very special energy. 

There was a glitch in the universe.

The energy is about a restart. Yesterday had a failure vibration that created a restart. The universe as everyone believes it is perfect but there are failures and what Arturo calls glitches. We emulate the universe. Yesterday was the day that our planet with the old alignments and part of Saturn, the entire earth and part of Saturn is going through a universal glitch. It is like a computer that has binary code. Example 1-2-1-2 and suddenly you get a 0-0. What do you do when the computer glitches? RESTART! What is the message? Time for us to restart! Time for us to let go of things we can not manage. Relationships, a job, let it go if you can not manage. This is a time to restart. Yesterday was the day that a NEW CYCLE started. 

Arturo goes by confirmations. Numerology should be consecutive.

Thursday was 4/30/2020 = 11

Then yesterday was 5/1/2020 = 10 = 1 = New beginnings

Today is 5/2/2020 = 11 

This is not normal. It only happens at certain times. This is a big confirmation for something that Arturo used to be really sad about. The way that the earth is going, the planet earth is really messed up and will die. If we continue the way we are going without a Spiritual Awakening extermination will start by 2027. By 2052 our extermination will increase. Human by human extermination and human by nature extermination.  2221 the earth will die completely.  

We should be thankful for COVID-19. This virus is pushing us into doing better. We were put into survival mode. It made everyone to be in survival mode. When we are in survial mode we start attracting more spirit which in quantum psychics that means we are having a spiritual awakening!

This is a serious glitch. It is time to restart. You are being given a totally new life. The only thing you need to do is to be conscious that you want to be a better version of yourself and you NEED to be clear which way you want it.

In other words, STOP FOR A MOMENT. Take a moment for you. Take this time to make a decision. Take some time and make a decision what type of psychical body do you want to have? What do you want? You need a clear vision of your psychical body. You need to have a clear vision of how you want to be in work, in business. How successful do you want to be? In relationships? How do you want to be in the future?

If you want to do any ritual, light a candle, now is the time! Do whatever you feel. This is the time to do it. This is an automatic reset. Many of you may have woken up this morning feeling different.

Now is the perfect time to jot down all the things you want. (you don’t have to go into details) Example: I want to be healthy. I want to look younger etc. Make a list with the main desires you have. 

This is a restart that will allow a lot of people to be in consciousness in a different way. It will be a way to start things in a totally different perspective. 

It is very important you let go of that part of yourself that is getting in your own way. The lack of confidence, the pity party etc. Kill that part of you that you do not need anymore, that part of you that makes you feel like a piece of crap, a failure. You need a restart? Today is the day! You need a new beginning? Today is the day! 

You need to make an effort to not get into old patterns. Every time we have a new beginning you need to do this because otherwise you will repeat old patterns and bring back the past. 

The planet is going back into a vibration of evolution. You need to EVOLVE too!

Today is the day! Jot down what you want!

The extraterrestrial vibration is around especially today to help change the vibration of certain areas.

Today is our new beginning to leave the past and get new lessons. 

This is the time that you are ready for a new lesson. Don’t be afraid of lessons. They will never end. Not even when your psychical body dies. Your soul will continue with lessons.

Manifest your new beginning with your POWER OF CHOICE. Write it down. Time for you to make your own choices. If you get messed up it’s because you decided that. Today is the day! Take advantage. Not everyone will get the benefits. They are trapped in their old ways. If you are stuck somewhere in your life the universe is giving you the chance to have the energy to have what you want. 

Allow yourself to go with the flow of the NEW BEGINNINGS. 

In order to change things you need to control them. Everything external of your body is off limits. You can not change people. You can not make people change. The UNIVERSE and GOD gave us free will. That is the BIGGEST POWER EVER. You have the power to change things if that is what you want. If that is what you wish. 🙂


Channeled by Arturo Gaitan on Friday 5/1/2020