Split Souls

Have you ever noticed that you find someone in your life that is your Twin Flame or you find a person that is just like you? 

Have you ever wondered is there another one of you in the world?

Is Split Souls a real thing?

It is not scientifically proven but kind of. Arturo is basing this off of everything that he has channeled and felt and personally done already.

What is a Split Soul?

You have a soul and you split it.

Can every soul be split?

YES! If the soul is big enough to give light to your soul and the new soul being created.


The soul is a conscious being in a human form that can process things like a hard drive and has a HUGE capacities. Speaking of souls we are also speaking about reincarnation. This is interesting and important to think about. The funny part of reincarnation is in science it says that energy can never be destroyed it can just be transformed. That is what the soul does. It keeps gaining and creating energy in order to keep transforming. In the process of transformation you need to understand this: Imagine your soul as a little circle of light that every time it gains knowledge and experiences the soul grows. Everything we perceive through our eyes and ears is being recorded and because of this we have this capacity to achieve and bring more of what Arturo calls consciousness. 

What happens to our body overnight when it gets into relaxation mode and we start having dreams?

We have more brain activity during the night. Science has proven this. 

What happens is your soul comes every night and starts extracting every experience that you have had during that day. Every single thing is recorded in your experience, your consciousness, your soul consciousness. The soul wants to get info. The soul is like google! It just wants to get the info. It is like the biggest search engine you could ever have! You can contact spirit guides through your soul. Your soul extracts everything. It empties your short memory and places it inside that circle of light in your soul and anytime you want to recall a memory you access and connect to that part of your soul that has the memory. 

The universe is a big magnetic band that records everything.

As a soul we need to gain more and more consciousness. The more info we get the more the soul grows the more light the soul gets. The more info you retain the bigger your light gets but be careful to not get trapped in the human knowledge. Knowledge can make you very insecure. Because you can think you know everything. You need to have a physical experience and apply what you learn. The soul needs knowledge and experiences.

The soul is an independent being of light. Every time we become aware of something good or bad the soul gains light. The soul puts you through a lot of experiences good and bad. The soul does not give a shit. If you are stubborn and you get held back the soul will give you bad experiences to get you out of there to get back to having good experiences. It is like Monsters Inc.

This will never stop. Get used to it! It will never stop. Good and bad cycles will happen all the time. You need to learn to readapt your mind and body and spirit to go through life the good and bad and not suffer as much. Arturo has learned how to do this and teaches other how to do this as well.

When the soul starts gaining more and more experiences it gains light. Why is this needed? At the time you leave the body you need light in order to go to what people call heaven. If the soul is not big enough to go to the light, the soul gets stuck in what we call limbo. Or you go to hell. 

If you are not doing anything with your life and you are not growing your soul will push you to do it even if it has to cut your hand, your arm or leg.

When can a split soul happen?

When a soul has a big enough capacity. As a soul the soul can divide. Do you think in a human body if you understand your soul can you make a decision to split your soul in this lifetime? Can you make that decision? Is it possible? YES! You can do this consciously. This is what happens. You can make the decision to split your soul in this lifetime and there is a chance that you can actually see it.

Let’s start dividing split soul into different stages.

Then we will cover Twin Flames.

Twin Flames actually are that Split Soul you let go of a long time ago that comes back. That soul could be completely independent and have its own soul but the soul could also go back to the original soul at some point and that is called unconditional love.

People do this at conscious level and unconscious level.

Sometimes there are people that cant have kids and then a miracle happens. They can want that baby so bad. Each parent can put a part of their soul to create the baby. 

Split Souls come into your life as Twin Flames.

Understand the difference between Split Souls and Soul Mates. The Soul Mate is a past life independent soul that you had a Karmic situation with before. Soul Mates will try to kill each other. They could be narcissistic. The Soul Mate will most of the times bring you a growing time through shit, crap and karma. Love and hate that can trap you for a long time.

Now lets go into Twin Flames. Twin Flames are Split Souls. You have a feeling you have known this person forever. The difference between the two is that there is a difference when it comes to practicality.

Soul Mates 99% guarantee you have life lessons. The hard way of learning. Soul Mate based on love. Soul Mate is Conditional Love.

Twin Flame is based on Unconditional Love. When you find a Twin Flame you find another part of yourself in a psychical form. Your don’t feel the same attraction at first. You listen to the person. They listen to you. The intensity and attraction is not as much at first but it is enough to build the most powerful love that you could ever feel. The love of a Twin Flame will build up to the point of HOLY SHIT! Some of this you may know already.

Past Lives can show you and help you to understand where the Twin Flame comes from. What time of year and space that your became a Split Soul. The purpose of a Split Soul? Legacy, having a big purpose and needing more of a specific energy.

When a Soul Splits the new soul will grow very fast to emulate the soul that created it and the soul will become the same size. Then if those two twin souls find each other again when they die they can become one again and be together forever. That is why you sometimes you see a couple and they say that when they die they will be together forever and when they die they go together and merge together forever.

Twin Flames could be family members. There is a chance it is a split soul but could also be a similar base to another soul. How do you know if someone is really a Split Soul of you and a Twin Flame? The love that you feel for that person and you are so happy that person does well and you are willing to do anything for that person unconditionally. One of the main things of a Twin Flame is unconditional love. You will both form a relationship based on unconditional love.

One of the things about Split Souls is that you can exist in a parallel universe. There could be another one of you in another universe. 

You can split your soul as many times as you want.

Imagine the soul of the Christ light, Jesus or Buddha. Do you think that they split their souls to keep the light going?? Of course. There could be 7 Jesus and 5 Buddhas:)

Split Souls and Twin Flames are not just lovers but can be so many different ones, family etc.

There is a chance there can be a Twin Flame that does not come from a Split Soul it is like a glitch in the matrix.

The lesson of finding a Twin Flame from a Split Soul and you are not with them or can not be with them is you need to understand unconditional love. You may be having a hard time experiencing unconditional love. You need to let go of conditional love and accept unconditional love.

You are the love of your life! Take care of yourself so you can expand. 

The lesson of soul mates is to stop the attachment. You meet the soul mate before the twin flame in order to learn how to be in happiness with your twin flame. 

You have to accept two things with a twin flame. When the soul splits the soul will be independent and will never go back and you can not be together forever but unconditional love is having the chance that your souls will find each other again and become one again when you die and you are together forever and you will always go everywhere together forever even if you have to come back. The recordings from each soul will be in that soul. 

Benefits of splitting the soul

Legacy, enlightenment and ascension. If you have a Split Soul working in the same lifetime and the two souls carry the same life purpose and find each other in this lifetime, you may have been in past lives trying to do your purpose but you failed and now in this lifetime you pass. IF your two souls achieved the purpose the souls will come back together and that is where unconditional love and ascension happen and you transcend and create a different level of soul, even mastery. As a soul you could come back to be in charge of new souls to help them to learn a way of growing.

How do you find your Split Soul?

Coincidence and a synchronicity of the universe. A coincidence is something that is already set up. The human is the one that finds each other at some point. Enlightenment happens at that time. The growing of the light.

The souls talk to each other and say that the two souls need to meet in life at sometime. It could be at any time any situation.

Ask yourself if there is a way for you to Split your soul in this lifetime would you do it?

When you find your Twin Flame in this lifetime it is time to either let go forever or to become one again! 

Until next week “humans”………

Channeled By: Arturo Gaitan on Friday 5/8/2020