Split Souls Part II


A Split Soul can be your child, daughter, son, brother or sister. 

Why is it difficult to feel attraction for your Twin Flame? Your Split Soul?

Vs. Soul Mates that are here to give us a lesson. They make you feel that once that you found them you found the person you want to spend your life with but that is not the case. There is usually an intense attraction but hard karmic lessons that come with it.

Remember this: Your soul is here to have a human experience.

There are Twin Flames that may not be Split Souls. You can be very alike and there is something that makes you a perfect match but it doesn’t mean you came from the same soul but it does mean that that soul is willing to create and form a relationship with you.

People think that love will create a relationship but a relationship will hold love in place. People lose relationships because they think that love will fix everything and love is not exactly the glue that will keep everything together. Sometimes in the name of love people need to be separate. 

When we are finding a Twin Flame how can you tell that the Twin Flame that is with you is an actual Twin Flame? 

A lot of times a Twin Flame will be your best friend! 

A lot of people want to know why they can not find love. Well it’s because they never look at their best friend. So often your Twin Flame could be your best friend and you never even look at that because the attraction is not there. 

So many times people never look at the best friend who is always there for them, loves them and they are a perfect match. You might find that it is rare to find a girl that has a guy friend that does not love them romantically. 

Why is it hard to recognize Twin Flames?

Because we love to suffer. A Twin Flame is something that is already set up for you. Love should not be hard. 

Once you get in touch with your Twin Flame and start to build up a relationship you will build the attraction and it will be stronger than a Soul Mate.

When you find a Twin Flame that comes from a Split Soul vs a soul that is not a split souls that is a like soul what is the difference? 

If it is a Split Soul, the person will say or you will say, I will do everything possible to make sure that you are ok that you are happy. It is always a giving thing. I will give my life for you and I want to merge with you forever for all of eternity and if we come back we need to come back at the same time. That is what you will hear from the person and what you would say. 

A Soul Mate will say these things but will never take any action. 

Split Souls come in many different kinds.

Family members, teachers, friends and you are not meant to be intimate with them.

Let’s say you split your soul and the other soul is going through life and growing, you are linked. Those Split Souls are here and you find them in the same lifetime. The meaning of that is a romantic or deep connection and it is time for the souls to merge back together forever. All the life experiences that the split soul has it, will bring those to the bigger soul and they will merge making the main soul bigger. Or the souls meet in that lifetime for that split soul to be independent. When the Split Soul becomes independent the biggest soul that split will grow from this too.

When you find a friend that is a Split Soul and the friendship is so strong the bonding happens when one of those die and the soul instead of going into the light it will merge directly into the other soul.

How do you know if you are the one that split your soul or if you are the split of someone else?

If you have a strong sense of life purpose or a mission in life you are the one that split your soul for the other one. You are the parent soul, the source soul. The other one will come help you to achieve that purpose. That is important to understand. 

Have you ever found someone in your life that you said I will give my life for this person? It could be time to merge through romantic love. You will feel devoted to that person if you are a split of that soul. There is a chance that it could also be time to set yourself free in this lifetime or set yourself free from that soul. 

How do you know if you are suppose to merge to the soul or become independent? How do you know if it is time to become your own soul forever or become one with that soul?

If you are the split and you feel in devotion to that person it is a merging. If you just want things to be good for that person it is time to be independent. It is like a payback. The soul will feel they need to help you and they are grateful but they have a different path. If there is devotion they have the same path and it is time to merge with that soul.

What about Twins?

Just because there is a twin does not mean they are Split Souls. You need to ask yourself if that person is going the same way with you? Are they going in the same direction? Would you give your life for them? Those are important questions to identify.

Soulmates can be in the form of friends or family. They can be in your own family, your mom or your dad. There is a thing called oedipus complex and the life lesson is like shit. The connection creates the complex because the parent and child are soulmates. Oedipus complex at spiritual level is soulmates. They will have the worst relationship with the parent. This is a perfect example of soulmates in the family. That came to give you a very hard life lesson.

Can Soul Mates and Split Souls be pets?

Your soulmate can also be in your pet. There is a chance your pet can be a Split Soul that you split that comes to you to make sure you are alright. There can be a strong bonding between you and the pet.

You might see an animal and have a special connection with that animal. You may see yourself in that animal.

There is no machinery that can detect split souls. The best thing you can do to determine split souls is your heart. Your heart never lies. It might trick you to teach you a lesson but will never lie.

Once Split Souls find each other in this lifetime in parallel it is time to make a decision to merge or become independent unless there is an agreement between the souls to be independent for a few lifetimes to help each other and then merge when they meet in another lifetime. That could be.

There could be an agreement between Split Souls that no matter if the split wants to be independent the souls made the agreement to merge no matter what. 


Channeled by: Arturo Gaitan on Friday 5/15/20