When Arturo was little he remembers that his Grandma was a gynecologist and he used to watch the babies being born. He saw that babies are just an extension of the mom until they are born. When the baby is born Arturo could see the soul, the light come down and attach to the baby. Amazing right!

So what is Reincarnation?

Your soul comes into this body or vessel. When you grow up the capacity that your soul has is a lot more. 

Every night when you go to sleep your soul starts extracting all of the experiences you had during the day. Even bad experiences create energy, a little less but it is still energy. When you get stuck your soul has an urge to grow. Your soul needs an experience to grown and if your soul is not having a good experience your soul will give you a bad experience to grow. Whatever it takes for you to grow.

Your eye is recording everything you are seeing during the day when you are awake. Even peripheral vision. Even if you can not remember. Scientists discovered that you have more brain activity during the night then during the day. In the night the soul comes to extract every emotion, everything that you saw and felt. It is like a gas tank, like a ballon. The soul wants to ensure that you have enough capacity to go through the light or if not reincarnate as another creature to gain more energy to go through the light. 

Sometimes we reincarnate on different planets. We reincarnate to get more experiences so we can gain a larger light. 

When you see the sun or any type of light you are dying and going back.

How do we know if we are going to heaven, hell or limbo?

A lot of souls stay in limbo because they don’t have enough energy to go through the light. Hell is not fire and all that. Arturo sees it form the perspective of physics. Hell is dark and cold and a type of dark water. You are like a light, a little ball and every time someone remembers you, your light gets a little bigger and then the entities or demons see the light they suck the light. With famous people, if they sell their soul to the devil and end up in hell and a lot of people remember them so the demons love that because they have a lot of light/energy to suck.

If you in hell you can gain enough light to reincarnate and pay your Karmic debts.

What does a human need to do to go to hell?

If you are not able to grown and you are stuck. Being stuck is how people go to hell. Even bad people do not necessarily go to hell. In the spiritual world bad people have a spot too. They do something. The key is to do some thing. We have a choice. That is the key. What do you choose to do? It is not necessary if you kill someone you go to hell. They tell you if your bad you go to hell to scare you. 

Every time you go to sleep if you awake the next day you are forgiven. It is a new start. Now if you keep doing shit that is going to create a different type of energy. So be careful with that.

It is easier to do bad things then good. It is like gravity. Requires more effort which requires more energy to go up. It is easier to go down. The bad people will create karma and you will reincarnate so many times to pay your karma unless you become conscious and figure out how to be neutral and not create karma so you can keep your level of consciousness. 

In order to not go to hell you need to keep growing. 

Pay attention to what kind of karmic debts you have.

Do you recognize a pattern that keeps coming back in your karmas?

We need to pay attention to those things. The universe looks complicated because it is so full of everything but the universe is very simple.

It works with 4 main principle.





We have 28 ethereal bodies. Every billion years the universe creates another parallel and right now the universe is 14 billion years old. We have 14 levels of consciousness. 13 is still the level of divine but 14 has just been created and that is chaos. We are experiencing a lot of chaos. 

From the moment you are born it is a countdown till the day you leave.

What determines if you reincarnate right away or if you have to come back?

Example: If you are dying in San Diego you have to die right now to make sure your soul is on time to be in Asia to reincarnate there because your soul is in need to accumulate. You don’t want to go back to the light because then you can not accumulate. Souls just have memories. Souls have a memory of all of their lives. We can access this anytime. We can access the Akashic records. 

Split souls are connected to past lives and reincarnation.

What will determine if you don’t reincarnate soon?

If you start walking in limbo. If you go further and deeper there are souls that are walking and they come back to you because they need light. Have you ever felt like a family member that passed away is around? You won’t reincarnate and you could be an entire eternity in limbo. 

In hell you have a chance to come back but you may be there for eternity. If nobody remembers you at least once your soul may recycle and go back to the dark matter to become something else. Do you think you can reincarnate as rock? Very interesting some may say a soul is trapped in a place or rock. That is another way to say the soul is trapped in limbo but attached to a psychical dimension through a rock. 

You can reincarnate as animals. You may have been an animal before or as a human you could reincarnate as a bee or flower or animal. Reincarnation has no specifics and if the flower vibration is what you need you may reincarnate as a flower and live for 15 days and then die. The soul needs the vibration of that flower or animal to create a specific type of energy.

Humans have been messing around so much because of money. Reincarnation is messed up by doctors doing c sections. There is a chance the correct soul doesn’t attach to the correct body on time and another soul comes and the wrong soul attaches to the body. There is a study that there is a bacteria in the vagina of the mother that allows you to have certain defenses in life. C-Sections babies can be more sensitive and natural born babies stronger. 

Try to do natural birth. Doctors are doing c-sections as a business because it is more money. 

Two souls can fight for one body of a baby. It may sound crazy but this was a case we actually saw. There was a case of two souls fighting for the body and Arturo was actually able to help the correct soul take the body.

How many of you are tired of life and don’t want to come back? Do you believe including new souls that you can actually generate ascension in one lifetime? YES WE DO! 

What is the key?? 

It is a process. Arturo discovered how to do certain things to be able to ascend in on lifetime without so many lessons.

Related to the zodiac. We have 12 main signs, personalities, lessons.

These lessons are coming from a division of energy in the universe. It is 95 or 96 lessons but they all come from those 12. If you know how to be in touch with each vibration of those signs you can ascend and you can choose to come back if you want to come back to help others with their lessons. 

Being a human can be EXHAUSTING sometimes especially when people keep getting stuck in their stubbornness. 

Reincarnation exists! YES PERIOD. You can believe what you want but energy never destroys it just transforms that is the principe of reincarnation.

Are you ready to reincarnate?
If you ascend you can choose to come back to help others or enjoy life.

Reincarnation is a cycle. 

Heaven is going through the light and is the main core of the dark hole that creates more energy to keep going there. 

Reincarnation is something we can actually decide if we pay attention in this lifetime. You make the choice consciously during this lifetime and you can consciously connect to this lifetime which would be your past life. 

Channeled by: Arturo Gaitan on Friday 5/22/20