Past Lives

Past lives are like memories that are in our soul.

There are 2 main powers behind what we call polarity. 

There is a 3rd power bigger than anything called neutrality.

Religion explains to you God created us and God is God and the Devil is bad. What is that? Polarity! Who invented God and the Devil? Where do they come from?

There is raw material. Dark matter that is neutral and you can build up anything with that material. 

How do you know you had a past life? 

A real past life can not come from a healer or anybody. It needs to come from yourself. If a person really wants to know the true past life there is a specific process you need to do to get the most accurate past life. It is possible. 

Past lives are all about paying karmic debt. It also gives you power in the body you are in right now but if its bothering you it is telling you it is time to pay a karmic debt that you either owe someone or someone else.

What is the first sign that you need to pay for something you did 5,000 year ago? Is there a pattern you have that you are doing here that you think comes from childhood?

Let’s say you have a pattern of attracting of bad relationships and think it comes from your mom and dad fighting. 

Guess what?  That thing that happened in childhood is the trigger. It gets you through the magnetism to attract the type of parents you have and the type of people around you to trigger the past life you need to pay for and take care of. 

Psychology will say this happened to you because of childhood trauma when the truth is it is a past life.

Do you have phobias?

They can tell you a lot of your past lives.

Example: Snakes and heights

Check out how beautiful metaphoric meaning is! You will discover the meaning behind things. (Try Arturos Dream Interpretation Class! It is amazing!)

Snakes represents: You might think of kundalini energy. Snake represents the penis. You are dealing with problems with sexuality. Second thing is heights. This would tell Arturo that the person has a type of insecurity a fear of success of getting to the top. 

A metaphorical meaning can give you the first step. You can also have a Past Life Regression but make sure that you have it done by someone who REALLY knows their stuff!

It is important to know you can heal a Past Life through a process and become better with the issues in so many different areas of your life.

Spiders is the opposite of the snake. It is completely female sexual energy. Spider in past life represents sexuality in a past life and represents that what you could be experiencing in relationships in this lifetime is struggling with control in a relationship. That is the spider metaphor. Past lives can heal your heart when you work towards that. That means in a past life something happened to the person that took away your control of life and did not allow you to be free to jump. Lack of freedom. Healing a past life can fix this. 

If you go psychological with this there is a chance that in childhood this was triggered. Someone triggered this during childhood. Your home may have been broken or disheveled  and it triggered the past life. It will keep affecting you now in life.

Arturo will show you things to heal your past lives and how to do it.

Akashic records equals bank of memories. All the records of your life are dispersed in the universe.

A memory of an impact that you have today, in 5 years the space that we have right here right now the entire planetary system will be 1,000 of miles away and the akashic records are like a magnetic band that you can recall the memory in a second. Thats why the older the memory, the farther away the harder it is to remember.

The only way to heal past lives as a past life is accessing the akashic records correctly  and they deep in the universe so you need to awaken your channels. 

Doing this with a professional is important so the professional can see what is made up and what is real with what you are saying. After the healing you will unlock the most important tool you will ever have. Dreams! You will see it all more vivid more lucid and you will be in control. A past life can not be healed on the surface. You need a deep powerful process that connects you into theta 2. There is no info on theta 2. Just theta. Theta is in charge of putting you out of time and space feeling. Your perception of time and space will change. Theta is the gate to the real akashic records. BUT even deeper there is something else Arturo discovered long ago of what he calls theta 2. Theta is 4-7 beats. Theta 2 gets you to almost sleep and you go to 1-3 or 2-4. The only difference is the gate that will get you to the correct akashic records and that is wonderful. Then you can have the entire experience. 

What happens is all your second nature reactions, such as lose your shit easily, because of something that happened when your little, that was a trigger. 

It is from a past life. Sometimes this goes in cycles. You think your done and then it comes back! 

Past lives manage most of your second nature. What happens in this lifetime is just the triggers and when you were in the womb with your mom. Your soul chose your mom and dad so you can get their genes to #%@ you up so you can do better and be better. It is crazy but that is what happens. Bad genes are with one purpose for you to become aware of the bad genes, and overcome them and be better. You can change your DNA.

The first thing you need to look at with past lives. Do you have a phobia? You have a past life and you need to remove that to move forward. Fears? Past live. You need to remove it.

It will not matter what you try if you do not go deep into the area of no time and no space and have the correct guidance you will just be messing around with your past lives.

Once you start doing the correct thing everything starts changing. Past lives can have a chain reaction. Example: chain smoker or addiction. You have an addiction and when you have the addiction you also have a phobia but you don’t put it together. Let’s say your smoking a lot and you have a fear too. You have a fear to rats. One day your fear to rats leads you to someone that helps you to find the correct person to do the past live. You heal your fear of rats and you are no longer afraid of rats. Then you stop smoking. Once you heal one you can heal the other. 

Don’t do a regression with anyone that is not a master hypnotherapist and has 2-4 years of experience doing regressions. You don’t want to put your time and money into something or someone that wont do it right.

Arturo has method that is the real deal. Past lives are the answers to all of the traumas and issues in your life today. Once you do the past live you do the reinforcing. Imagine every morning when you awake before you open your eyes coming back from dreams to consciousness and you start walking past a long hall full of picture frames on the right and left. One of those pictures will trigger a past life that you need to deal with. The frames are past lives. There is a frame that will remind you that you have that programming or Karmic debt. During a regression you rescript and reframe that picture. You put a new one there. So now every morning when you awake and walk down that hallway you see that picture frame and it is the new re-scripting it and reframing for you to be successful now.

Regressions go deep and heal from the root cause. If you don’t do this then you will be back in the next life and wont remember why your messed up. You don’t have to do everything. You work on the ones that will cause a chain reaction of healing for you. You go to the root cause of the problems to be better. Work on your problems and your issues and your blocks. 

If you have a reoccurring dream it is calling you and telling you to pay attention to the meaning of that and we need to find out if that meaning is connected to something that is blocking you. 

Stairs up is the search for meaning. 3rd eye is future. 

Channeled By: Arturo Gaitan on Friday 5/29/20