UFO’s & Extraterrestrials

Why don’t aliens come down with us?

They have a higher vibration. When we are talking vibration, we are talking spirit and spirit is radiation. Our human bodies would not be able to handle the radiation. 

What is the connection between God and Aliens? 

If you really observe the human design we have a very meticulous design. Very intricate work. When we are looking at religion the God that they show us or teach us, it does not really work like that. He is a marvelous and wonderful God but he punishes you if you do bad. That does not sound like a creator. They say there is good and evil. God vs Devil. That is polarity. In order to have polarity there has to be a 3rd power that is higher then polarity which is neutrality. That is an essence that is just there. Then polarity starts the process of creation. 

Talking about God from religion is difficult because of all the things happening in the world. We need to be open that there is a higher power to that power that we know. When we are talking about Extraterrestrials and UFOs there are so many different levels of spirituality and our consciousness.

Arturo believes there are 6 levels of consciousness for humans with a total of 13 levels. 

1-6 Levels of Human Consciousness 

7-8 Levels of Extraterrestrial Consciousness

9-10 Levels of Angelic Consciousness 

11-12 Levels of Mastery Consciousness 

13-Level of Divine/Pure Essence Consciousness

Are Aliens here and how can you connect with them?

Question: Why do scientist say we have junk DNA? 

They say it is a mix of alien DNA.

Look at humans. Different shapes, races etc. Why did the aliens do this? Why this survival mode that we have? You can freeze, fight, flight, starvation and sex. Why have we been designed to multiply the way we are doing? If human kind is suppose to be more advanced beings why did they create something that is behind them?

We are energy generators! We process a lot of thought and thinking particles that create emotions and the emotions create energy. We are part of the planets energy. There is a specific vibration that a certain number of humans gives to the planet. 

How can you know if they are here?

They have always been here. They are always checking out what is going on with us. Is it coincidence so many are showing up with the COVID-19 happening? No it is not. How about the possibility that they are here working with us and that they understand a certain language in our heads and hearts? Do you feel that those people can help with humanity? Of course!

Just as there are so many different types of humans there are also so many different types of aliens. 

How can you develop your channels to understand the aliens and their message?

Arturo developed a certain language to understand the aliens when he works so when he is doing healings he can understand their messages.

We can develop the ability to channel the information from them. It is not just when your sleeping but can also be in a daydream when your not sleeping. You could have a psychical contact with those beings. 

Aliens are here to help us with a spiritual awakening.


Not all want to help. Some aliens just want to suck the life of the planet. There are some that want to help that do it through consciousness. Consciousness is like a program. Imagine there is a cloud and the thoughts that we process have been created already. It is very rare we create our own thoughts. We process the collective consciousness. This is thought and thinking. Your channels are open and you are receiving those words. The aliens are working on our collective consciousness. 

What practical things you can do to start receiving possibly communication through dreaming or day dreaming?

COVID-19 is making us to find different ways to interact in the world. It is to help people to try to get back together. 

See your own personal perspective of what is going on. We are designed to agree and disagree too.

2027 is a crucial time for humans. Everything will start happening, then it will be 2052.

Humanity has a chance to have a huge spiritual awakening and it is needed before 2027. If we do not then it will be a big catastrophe. 

It is all about consciousness and they are trying to help through the collective consciousness. Probably science will find this out they will put the new consciousness in the air. It is argon. It is called the Draleon Consciousness. Knowledge in action! Leaders stole our capacity to defend ourselves. People abusing power and school shootings. A part of us that is very important is disabled. This is coming but it is coming in the air. This is not about a revolution.


Our universe is expanding and moving in a different direction. Akashic records. We are at a different time and space and we need to keep evolving in different ways in consciousness. Could be as simple as there is trash on the ground so pick it up! Some people don’t have even a tiny dot of consciousness. Some came to eat, have sex and die. Other humans are more conscious and are interested in different things.

They are helping with the programming of the collective consciousness so we breathe in the argon in the air to be able to bring different types of thoughts to be better.

Question: How do you know if an Alien is good or bad?

Arturo allows himself to perceive if aliens are good or bad. Trust is everything. It is all about trust. When we develop our ability to trust and let nothing move us from there. Trust will open the channel of intuition and allow them to come to you and for you to feel if they are good or bad. There are bad ones too. Make sure you can trust your spirit, our intuition.

Find your own neutrality to perceive better. Be neutral to see different perspectives. 

Simple exercise you can do every day to be able to channel extraterrestrials.

Mind connects with everything. It is limitless. In order to activate anything in your mind either a thought or psychical reaction you need to give a thought. Your thought will make you to have a reaction. 

Imagine for a moment that you squeeze a lime or lemon in your mouth. Your mouth starts to water. The thought activates a channel for you. 

You want to activate feeling to contact the extraterrestrials you need to practice to open your channels.

First key is to have a thought that you want to channel and be open to connect or receive information from extraterrestrials life and possibly be able to see a UFO or an extraterrestrial being. Your thought is asking to open the channel for you to do this. We are protected. Our brain will protect us from having a heart attack. 

  1. Think of the thought and focus.
  2. Relax and look outside. Expand your view out the window into the distance or look at the ocean and do peripheral vision. Focus on the view far away and do peripheral
  3. Do peripheral vision. It activates the optic nerve in the brain and you get into peripheral vision. You need to have a far away view. Look the farthest that you can see and once you are focused far away peripheral vision and expand your vision. Allow day dreaming by the thought you have.
  4. Once your eyes are tired close your eyes and see what thoughts you have. At first it comes as thoughts.

How do you know the connection is real with them?

You will go into a daydream. You will be gone. It will start to happen naturally. Practice that to open your channels.

You will start to figure out if you communicate with spirit or extraterrestrials. Arturo goes by levels of consciousness.

Until next time my Extraterrestrials Amigos:)

Channeled By: Arturo Gaitan on Friday 6/5/20