The Akashic Records

The Akashic Records is a trendy way to talk about what Arturo calls the Memory Bank. 

Anybody can access the Akashic Records but there is a specific way you need to do it.

Akashic records are actually memories. There are the recordings.

Observe the universe like a big magnetic band that is recording everything.

Every little thing is being recorded that is happening. Even outside of what we are seeing.

Right now when you are looking at something and focusing, everything around you that you are not focusing on is being recorded. Where? Subconscious mind yes, but in reality everything gets recorded in the universe. The universe, dark matter is like this HUGE magnetic band.

Until today science and medicine could not find where the memory is in the brain. They are not aware of where it is. Reason why they can not find it is our brain has neurons and stem cells and every cell in our body represents a storage and that storage is a channel connector that connects us to things that happened in the past AND the future. It can help you to see certain destinies based on your past on what you have done.

Imagine your human body. Observe there are 2 ways of connecting to history and the records.

So, Yes the Akashic Records exist

But, What are the benefits of accessing these records? 

Can you prevent events in the future by helping yourself to understand the past??


Picture the human body with its magnetic field. The aura. The aura has different colors that are there showing us we have different ways of processing thought and thinking. When we have an experience it will be recorded no matter how small.

Key words, time and space. Akashic records are all about time and space. In order to access the records you need to get yourself into no time and no space.

Imagine that you have memories. If you pay attention to your memories they get far away with the time. They go farther and farther. The more time passes the memories become more blurry. The reason why that you need to understand is this.

First you need to think of planet earth being in one part of the universe. With time of traveling, the earth is traveling and traveling and is now in a different time and space. Here is an example. When you were 15,  the earth was at specific coordinates in the universe. Those coordinates are where certain emotional impacts happened at that time. Currently for you that has already passed. So the memories from far away in time are also far away in distance. That is why it is time and space. 

Let’s say you had a traumatic experience at the age of 6. So you have this situation at 6 and the more time that passes the more distance that is created from this. Have you ever heard time is the best healer? Well that is because there is distance from that memory as time goes on. Distance is created. Now it depends on how big the impact is and how many times in your life you replayed and remembered that memory, or trauma. 

What happens is we are not storing our memories. The memories are stored in the universe. Every time we need a memory we recall the memory. We channel the memory.

12% of the human mind is in the conscious mind and 88% is in the subconscious. So if the subconscious created a safe zone to keep replaying something painful even though it is painful it feels safe. That is where the Akashic Records have power. The Akashic Records as we know them, there is not a thing where you can just access a certain memory with your conscious mind. They can not be accessed from the conscious mind just like that. Even if you are very connected you need to go through a process.

If a memory suddenly comes to you 30 years later it means you need to face that memory. Some memories will come to bring you back and connect you with memories, with that vibration from childhood or even past lives to connect you with a pattern you are repeating in this life over and over and over again because you need to fix it.

Ever heard of something called absolute truth?

This will help you to know HOW GOOD you are accessing your Akashic Records.

Picture a circle. 

The circle is called:

The Circle of Absolute Truth


Inside of that circle there is more circles.

And more and more and more

This is very good for you to understand the truth has different levels and the thing is will you be able to access ABSOLUTE TRUTH.

The smallest circle in the center represents ABSOLUTE TRUTH.

In the world of Psychics and Healers the outside is the truth of what actually happened and all the circles within are levels of the truth.

Here is an example. You have a memory when you are little of your grandma telling you rich people suck and are bad.

What happens to you later in life? You are 35 years old and you are about to be rich and get a huge check and you think WOW I’m going to be rich. Then suddenly you start drinking and spending all your money and you lose everything. Then you try again and the same thing happens. What is going on? You are self sabotaging yourself based on that memory in your Akashic Records in this life time that is being activated by your grandma. This happened to you in a past live and you did not learn the lesson so the lesson is coming back to you in this life. 

So you money goes to the city of the @#$%. You start working with someone (a healer etc) and you start to think that this has to do with your grandma. You just hit the outer circle of the circle of truth. Then you go deeper to the next circle and you think I think it is because of her view on money. Then if you use the correct method and go deep and you go all the way in to the circle of truth to the center you will hear Grandma in front of you saying, “Rich people suck! Money is bad!” You will go directly to what happened. This memory got programmed in a part of your body. It is in your brain or is connected to your brain but is programmed in a part of your body. That is what Arturo calls imprints. Channels recorded in your body that are connected to that vibration that get activated by things. Arturo uses energy work and healing with extractions to remove these. 

When we get into the Akashic Records and when you remove, rescript and reframe the issue and the memory the pain and discomfort in the body where the imprint is stored will go away.

Now think of the Akashic Records that are far away in reality. Time and space. Distance. If something happened to you at age 5 and you are 30 it is 25 year in life years but there is also light years. It could be 30,000 light years. Through Quantum we can connect through no time and no space we can connect with those records! 

What is the best tool to disconnect you from time and space? MEDITATION IS ONE OF THE BEST TOOLS TO GET YOU INTO NO TIME AND NO SPACE.

That is why in deep relaxation or mediation you are so gone you lose track of time and space!

Now can you can access Akashic Records through meditation? YES

Through Hypnosis? YES

Forcing yourself to remember something you can not remember? YES
In this lifetime you can access memories from childhood that are not clear. You can access through the Akashic Records. If something happened to you when you were little and you can not remember, you blocked it out. We have the tendency to do this.

Want to remember something no matter how painful? 

  1. Find a psychical element of the time that you were living . Could be the house you lived in as a child. A teacher or friend etc.
  2. Once you find the element the Akashic Records will allow you to connect and will give you more. 
  3. Next continue going by allowing the elements to come to your mind.
  4. Find a psychical element that will allow you to start getting the memory

When you are in no time and space before you start to meditate consciously ask yourself after you have already identified that something is blocking you. Ask yourself the question, what happened to me before that is preventing me from (whatever your issue is you are facing)?

You need to have the intention that you want to know. Be aware of what you want to find! 

When in the meditation ask yourself, Show me what is the situation. What is the cause of money issues, relationship issues, anxiety issues etc. 

Once you do this you will start to get possible flashes of the exact memory that happened. 

The 3rd Method that you can use is the guided method by a professional.

Through hypnotherapy, a Regression. 

Accessing Akashic Records has to do with any type of Regression. It is process professional done by a guide or healer that guides you through the right parameters to open the right door to access the right Akashic Records. If the memory is in a different record the healer will help you to go from that record to a different record. 

Be careful with people accessing your Akashic Records. Find a real professional that can access the Akashic Records. It is rare to find someone that can access absolute truth of your Akashic Records just by looking at you or perceiving you. Find good people that really know what they are doing! 


Look for your element your anchor to access the memory, the record. 

Grounding has to do with the bringing of the blood from the front to the back. Anger and sex are the only 2 things that make that happen. The blood psychically goes to the back of the head. That is the grounding. 

Akashic records will be actual things that happened but metaphorical meaning too!


Channeled By: Arturo Gaitan on Friday 6/12/20