Soul Contracts

What is a soul contract?

It is a predetermining Destiny. It is predefined. It needs to happen. You have no control over it and it will happen no matter what. Your soul made the contract and the human is not aware.

Soul contracts could be having to be in a certain relationship to teach you a lesson.

Basically the souls will come together and say I’m going to reincarnate in this lady and you in this man and we are going to try to kill each other etc. It may sound kind of funny but it is tru!

Unless you are clever and you can choose a different destiny and absorb the lesson you need to learn.

Soul contracts are lessons that need to be learned or karmic debts to be paid.

You can get away with it IF you can understand the lesson.

Soul contracts do not have to be bad. They can also be really really good. 

You may get the feeling you need to go somewhere, on a trip etc. There is a reason you need to be at a precise time and space for a reason.

When people show up in your life unexpectedly to help you, that is part of a soul contract.

Why do our souls need to have contracts with other souls to do things in the body of humans?

We could be connected to a specific vibration and we want to change that in our life which will be represented in changing our destiny or the way we do things. That is when a person may come into your life to make you see or feel different.

Soul contracts mainly are for Karmic exchange which is energy exchange, which is based on the law of compensation. It is there to balance the energy between souls. 

Will a soul contract actually be able to change your complete destiny? Yes or No?

It could if it is that big but not necessarily. It could change just part of it. It could put you in the right line for your destiny to achieve your destiny.

Do you ever ask yourself why you find such @#$% up people in your life? Did you ever ask what did I do in another life to attract such messed up people?

Does it mean that everything is written? Why have you been given the power of choice if it is? 

Have you ever recognized that someone you met in your life was a soul contract?

Do you think that if you have a soul contract you can avoid the lesson if you understand the lesson? Yes it is! 

You could have a soul contract and the person that comes into your life you don’t learn the lesson from and others will keep coming to teach you the lesson until you learn it. 

OR you may only get one chance to learn the lesson and if you don’t learn then you will start creating karmic debt with people that start coming into your life after that if you do not learn your lesson the one chance you got. 

Soul contracts could be annoying if you don’t learn the lesson.

Do you thing that you have to keep having soul contracts your entire life?? Or do you think that you could be done with them and live life without them?

We are born with a specific mother and father to give us some type of lesson whether we like it or not.

If you can recognize your patterns you can make the decision to be passed the lesson and save yourself from more work. Soul contracts are work. They are predetermined types of destiny’s that are mandatory we go through to keep a balance in the universe, The universe is balanced through all of this. The human body creates energy for the soul and the soul for the universe. 

What is that thing you need to do in order to grow? 

If you don’t pass soul contracts you can’t fulfill your destiny. If you don’t fulfill your destiny that is where people will say you go to limbo or hell. You didn’t want to deal with your contracts or soul responsibilities.

How do you recognize Soul Contracts?

Soul contracts come in 2 forms. An example of this is someone will be there for you all the time no matter what. They have the contract to take care of you or you take care of them or you take care of each other. 

This is the most important part we need to observe.

Soul Contracts are here for 2 reasons:

  1. Learn lessons and grown
  2. To show you appreciation. They come to show you value because they can see your value which means you probably cant see the value of others, not even them. 

Main thing: Soul contracts good or bad are here to help you to learn to appreciate life. As a human and a soul. 

In Soul Contracts is is all about choice. 

Soul contracts could be something for us for a greater purpose for humanity! A lot of souls gather in a contract for the greater good. To make the world better, to make a country better etc.

You have contracts with people to gather to make things better but also remember in polarity there will be evil souls that gather to mess things up too.

You need to be an individual. Respect yourself, work for yourself.

Remember this rule:


If I achieve this I can give you the BEST of me!

This is a rule as an individual.

Strong individuals with a purpose can change things.

Be smart! Don’t allow people to put bullshit in your head. 

Meditation helps you to set up an anchor and every-time there is a contract you may see the blue light in the meditation. 

If you are done with someone and they won’t leave that means that the other person does not want to finalize the contract. You can stay away from them so they can understand the contract is done. 

The color you see in the meditation that we did on Friday is the color of the contract you have. If you are interested in this meditation contact us at the store at 619-296-1560.

Red- Anger

Blue- Healing Contract, growing expanding and creating 

Green- Healing 

Yellow- Material aspects, learning a material lesson

Brown- Realistic

Pink- Learn unconditional love and self love

Purple- Divine light, understand divine energy, for the greater good, main lesson is discovering your spirituality and connection at a higher level.

Orange- More humanitarian or being responsible for others

Gray- One of the strongest colors. Contract about protection or in polarity damaging each other. The lesson of protecting.

Absence of colors- no specific way of getting the experience. It could come in so many different ways. 

Until next time my fellow “humans”. 🙂

Channeled by Arturo Gaitan on Friday 6/19/20.