Where Do We Go When We Die?

It is a different plane. Another dimension. Another layer of the same universe just a faster vibration. We live in a quantum universe that has different dimensions. There are particles that work at subatomic levels with speeds so fast we can not see it but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist just because you can not see it. 

Arturo said it might sound crazy but he didn’t see the difference between spirits and people until he was 9 years old. His grandma started yelling at him asking him who are you talking to?? He said the lady and his grandma told him to grow up.

Let’s talk about where we go. We will talk in religious terms. Heaven, Hell and Limbo.

The higher the level of the spirit, Arturo sees them more as a light. 

Doctors would say when someone is doing mediumship work that a person may have some type of psychosis and Arturo would say how do the spirits know his name and how is that he gets messages from them for people AND it is very accurate and there is no way he can know certain things that happen between the spirit and the person!

The spirits will come through sometimes as thoughts are feelings.

If you have a message for someone remember the golden rule, do not help someone that did not ask for it! 

What do you need to do to go to the place where you want to be?

They tell you that everyone should go to heaven. It is beautiful and has gardens and flowers etc.

They say hell is bad. Well, hell is not fire and burning. In hell,  it is like you are in your mind. It has to do with repeating your own lack of consciousness. You get stuck there. Hell is a very cold dark place. There is a type of energy that makes you feel like you are underwater and just your head is out of the water. Totally darkness and the only little light you have is at the top oft your head and you are submerged in this gluey liquid that is sucking the life out of you. Every time someone remembers that person the light gets bigger and then the dark liquid, the water sucks the light. That is how Arturo would describe hell. 

You need to understand that your soul has different bodies. Ethereal bodies. Imagine for a moment your psychical body here is a total of 26 ethereal bodies up and down in polarity. What that really means? There are aspects of you that exist on different planes. 

Your soul is a composition of consciousness. Everything from your past lives until now. The way you access this is through your mind. It is all about freeing your mind from meaning. We are always looking for meaning. That is where meditation comes in.

The human brain is designed to create meaning for all of us while the soul is recollecting all experiences including non direct experiences. 

What is a non direct experience? 

When you are looking forward but you can see things on the outside. Peripheral vision. In reality the non direct experiences mean your eyes can see everything that is around you and the millions and millions of details all around you. You are like a recorder and that recording is consciousness. One of the best tools to develop consciousness is traveling and going to other places. You perceive feel and connect to the energy of other places. 

You can be in hell in one of your ethereal bodies. The next ethereal body that exists right now. Your next ethereal body is not psychical to touch but you can kind of see it and feel it and smell it. There is a chance when your ethereal body goes to hell there is a chance that your next ethereal body is there.

Some people call this parallel realities. You might be a cat in another ethereal body.

You can center yourself and connect with your soul and align all of your bodies so all the knowledge and wisdom come to your psychical body. Your soul is your own personal all mighty. A complete replica of the biggest consciousness which is the universe or God. You have limits as a human.

Going to the hell is not just that you mess up and you go to hell.

It is like a grid where you get deposited in a tiny space and the only thing you have is memories. If you can regain enough light at some point that is reincarnation where you have the opportunity to come back and have a chance to learn your lessons again.

Be open minded with this to find out your own answers too on all of this. You are your now guru. 

Arturo noticed that bad people don’t go to hell and good people don’t go to hell. Lazy people do.

When you process thought and thinking you create an emotion which causes a motion. 

Monsters Inc., the creator, knows how it works.

Good things and happiness make more energy but bad things make energy too. You do nothing you don’t have enough light to go through to where people call heaven. Arturo calls that heat or light. 

Religion makes people believe that if someone does something bad they will go to hell. You can see that this puts a limit for you. They tell you if you do bad you go to hell because they want to prevent you because human nature is it is easier to be bad. They created rules to scare the shit out of you to be less stupid and stop making a lot of shit.

The big question is this, If we all were created by God and God designed us (please remember Arturo puts his trust in a bigger thing, God) why does God give us the power to destroy and be f#@&*!  up?? 

We need to understand what bad really is! Bad is evil. Harming someone on purpose. You can harm and not have bad intentions to harm the person you should not be worried about a karmic lesson because that person can free that from their heart at some point. 

God gave us the power of choice!!

Hell, Limbo and Heaven are not the only places.

There are levels of variations of all of these. Far away, close up. You don’t just go to heaven because you’re good. Your soul could go to Limbo and be stuck there because you did not fulfil what you needed to do. 

You live a happy good life because you enjoy it not because it will get you to heaven.

You can not judge a person because of a preference because of the type of the person that you are. You need to respect any belief system and thoughts.


What do you need to earn to go to hell?? Do nothing. Don’t do bad or good. Stagnate. The key to hell is stagnate. You are avoiding your purpose and don’t want to do anything. 

The thing people say about selling your soul to the devil is true. What you believe builds this universe. You believe you’re weak you become. Whatever you believe you become. BB BELIEVE BECOME.

Why do people sell their souls to the devil?

The devil is a big energy that balances the universe.

In order to process the growing of the souls. 

Religion doesn’t want to tell you that your soul grows in hell because they don’t want you to grown.

Hell is a mass of low vibration. It would be like you go to the bench in baseball to figure out that the next time you have an opportunity you will do better.

The purpose of selling your soul to the devil, the souls are stupid. A soul is a soul it doesn’t matter the body. The devil knows the soul wants to be famous so people remember you and remember when people remember you you get more light and the dark water sucks more light. If you cant get more light then your soul gets recycled and you go into the dark matter and don’t remember anything. 

Next is LIMBO

Limbo is stages or distance.

Far limbo and near limbo.

Near limbo is someone just died and they are still in the house.

Far limbo is people that do not have a contract. Remember soul contracts. They don’t have enough light or consciousness to go to heaven or the light. They need to come back to a psychical body. Limbo are the most clear messages that Arturo can get. They give very close to precise information.

All of us can deliver messages if we open the channels.

Limbo is for the souls that did not have enough light to go to heaven but have enough to not go to hell and are ready to recycle and go to any planet. Not just earth. You can have hundreds of lives on other planets. That is how you can go back to a body to be born.

How can we see that all the spiritual world we can see it in this plane? In this psychical realm.

In order to come back here you can come back from hell. It is true. They have to go through that lesson. Majority of recycling and reincarnation work comes from limbo.

When we die and go to what we call heaven there is one thing that happens. That light at the end of the tunnel they talk about is an actual color transition. We cant just go directly to pure light it would destroy us and all of our experiences. Light will recycle us too. When people die Arturo says there is a 7 day transition. Sometimes 3 but that is fast. 90% of transactions are 9 days. The longest one can be months or years. In case of years the ethereal bodies are attached to this life. That is when people will say the person had pending stuff. Has to do with consciousness and has to do with attachment and your are attached. That is consciousness. We go through a dim yellow light first that gets brighter and then you finally start to go to the white light it is like white liquid. It is lumens, particles. Arturo know this  mostly because Arturo has had many near death experiences. 


Where are we actually going to when we die? Where are we headed. There is 3,4,5 dimensions so where are we going?

Levels of consciousness. Parallel universes. We are on a 3 dimensional planet right now.

Remember in 2012 everyone said we are going to be 4 dimensional?

 Well we are still in 3D. All these are different experiences. They are all there and we can access them. Arturo calls them levels of consciousness and you have 1 ethereal body per dimension.

Arturo was 8 years old when he knew the universe expanded and added another parallel. The universe is 13 billion years old. A few years ago scientists measured it and confirmed the universe is about 13.4 billion years old and confirmed Arturo’s theory that every billion years there is another layer of consciousness that is added to the universe.

4D particles are smaller and you are more conscious of things in this world.

5D particles will give you a different perspective.

All the dimensions as they get higher will allow you to perceive this 3D world in a totally different way.

There are people that are 2D lineal thinking and only think about eating, sleeping etc.

3D a little more depth more emotions running.

Lower dimensions less movement and light.

Higher dimensions more emotions.

Have you ever noticed that people that have more consciousness are more sensitive than others?  It is about sensing things that others can not sense because others don’t sense or feel or process the way you do but it doesn’t mean that you cant.

You really want to go to heaven? 

Do your bad shit and good shit and choose what you want to do and focus on that.

Arturo says life is up and down all the time. It is what is is. Be lineal about that. Shit happens. But you can choose to do good if laughing makes you feel better in this 3Dimension while you are accessing other dimensions. 


People that come from light especially the higher ones are older souls that went through enlightenment and come back to help others to continue to develop and evolve and producing energy for your soul.

Soul connects with the brain every night and sucks the experiences so you can have that as an expansion of your soul.

How do we go to heaven? 

Travel, be more conscious. Caring is the key to consciousness. Example: banana peel on the ground, 2D person does not pick up because they don’t care but if you pick it up you are conscious that something could happen to someone and you think of others.

In order to gain consciousness you need to PAY ATTENTION AND CARE!


If you believe in angels you can connect to the 9,10 level. Masters? 11,12

13 Divine.

There are levels of consciousness. Each parallel universe is a level of consciousness.

Now each level of consciousness from Level 1-6 are human consciousness 

Level 7-8 Extraterrestrial Consciousness 

Level 9-10 Angelic Consciousness 

Level 11-12 Mastery Consciousness (Masters)

Level 13 and 14 are Divinity or Divine 

How do you know you are connected there? 

The way you think and feel. Consciousness is more caring people. Humanity is having a crucial time in history being distracted from one major think, to become conscious of caring for each other and focus on getting rid of bad people. Be careful what you are trained with.

Doing something to someone bad does not mean you become like them. You do something about it! Humanity needs to stand up and feel better with ourselves and be connected with oneness in caring for themselves and the planet.

Open our channel to understanding and also gaining power of observation about so many different realities, spiritual realties and psychical realities.

You can make your own heaven hell or limbo in this life.

What is your choice? Where do you choose to live in your own heaven, your own hell or your own limbo?

Channeled By Arturo Gaitan on Friday 6/26/20