Parallel Universes & Ethereal Bodies

Arturo has a saying, “If I am possible, anything is possible! I exist and am possible. ” Look at the ocean and galaxies. Isn’t it amazing? Anything is possible. 

When Arturo was 8 years old he tried to explain to people about parallel universes. He was in school with 45 other kids in the second line from the right. He was the very first one in line and the teacher Gloria was teaching math. The teacher was talking about how there are hundreds, thousand and billions. When Arturo heard billions he went crazy and said, “That is what I am trying to say to explain the universe!” Billions was the right word he was looking for. It explains how old the universe  is. There are 13 parallel universes existing at the same time. The teacher thought he was crazy. At this point he started understanding parallel universes, consciousness and particles. At 9 he didn’t want to be here anymore because he felt the world was such a depressing place. He could understand the universe and did not want to be in this parallel universe. 

About 5 years ago scientists were able to measure based on distance how old the universe is. They came up with 13.4 billion years. Arturo was right at 8 years old! 

When scientists say the universe has 13.4 billion years old, this kind of proves Arturo’s theory that every billions years our universe creates another parallel universe. Right now we are in the process of creating the 14 layer, the 14 parallel universe. 

Arturo is going to explain the connection between parallel universes, ethereal bodies and universal consciousness. 

Parallel Universes, Universal Consciousness and Ethereal Bodies














The above represents parallel universes.

Which universe are we? Which are we in right now?

Long ago the universe started with universe #1. #14 specifically is being formed right now. We need to understand there is an interaction between, universes, dimensions and our behavior. Our behavior has to do with the alignment of the universe and the formation of the 14th parallel universe. 

What do you know about the Big Bang theory?

During the formation of the star dust and elements started forming and crashing and mixing and creating. The first phase gave us the principle of expansion. A little particle exploded and gave us the principles of expansion, adaption. We work with those principles every day of our life whether you like it or not. 

Every billion years the universe creates a replica based on the new consciousness with the maturity of the previous universes. It is not exactly the same. We emulate everything that happens with the formation of the 14th universe. 

Arturo feels that our universe is the #9. The 14th universe gives us chaos and freedom. Lots of chaos now and everyone is looking for freedom.

14 has to do with communication and freedom and right now people are having the biggest communication issues.

Whatever is happening from the year 2000-3000 is all about emotions. You better start working with the emulation of the universe within yourself. We live in a chaotic era and you need to decide how you will live and manage in that chaos because the chaos is there.

Arturo came to this earth to teach individuality. The people of the world try to keep humanity in the not understanding way. They created something powerful. Religion. Religion helps people to behave through shame and fear. What happens is that when you create religion it is designed to create a sense of community but at the same time you lose the sense of the individual and when you lose your individual you LOSE YOU POWER. They say God will fill that for you but it does not. Organized religion most or all are destroying at some point your individuality. When they do that they give you a false sense of community and make you feel safe and you can not think by yourself you are part of the community and then nobody can do anything to them because nobody thinks for themselves. They say God forgives everything. Well I don’t know about that. The real God works with the law of compensation and one way or another things will compensate.

The subconscious will have all these programs from what you are taught but you are also breathing it in the collective consciousness and each parallel has a polarity the dark and the light side. They make you believe community is unity. What happens when you are in community for a long time. Everybody will hate each other. We see this in religion. It destroys our sense of unity and when your unity is destroyed your self is destroyed. You need to recover your individuality and you can join other individuals and decide to build things together in unity. Systems on the outside are designed to do this.

Parallel universes play a big part in your life.

There is something called ethereal bodies which is similar to ethereal bodies. It is not the same but similar.

Let’s believe that we are #9 in the parallel universes. 

Each ethereal body become lighter. That does not mean that it is not psychical. It is just lighter. In other universes your bodies can be more male or female. Let’s say in a parallel universe you are a male doctor in a specific doctor in a specific universe. Your body in this universe may have dreams or you may feel that you want to be a doctor. You may have dreams you are someone else but not that person. You may be accessing another one of your parallel universes lifes. You are connecting to a part of you an aspect of you. This means at some point in your life even though you may not be a doctor you may risk your life and help someone in this lifetime and people will wonder how you did it but you will say I don’t know! Your parallel universes tell you levels of consciousness and also your bodies are leaving in bodies that are lighter or heavier. Our psychical body right now is the heaviest in the psychical realm. There is polarity. You need to understand that there are 14 levels in positive and 14 in negative. Negative is a different charge of energy and will be heavier in the spiritual realm. That part of us is in charge of the evil inside of us. We are born good and evil and born with the choice to decide which we want to be.

There are 14 levels up and underneath you there are 14 levels down which in psychics would be -1, -2 etc.

The most psychical we are human body means our level 14 is the lightest of ethereal body and we are in a dimension of pure light and at that level we have access to all that knowledge. You need to learn to access your higher self which is the highest ethereal body you have. That is how you start channeling everything. 

What happens when doing a cleansing or Limpia? Which body are you cleansing? 

If someone comes to Arturo and says they have cancer or a tumor. Arturo goes and finds what ethereal body has the cancer and he goes to that ethereal body and cuts the cancer from that ethereal bodies. You go to the ethereal body, you can create an illness in another ethereal body and that can affect the other bodies. You go to the ethereal body and remove the energetics of the tumor. 

How can an ethereal body modify your entire life and how can you heal yourself in so many areas spiritual and emotional that cause so many issues?

Spiritual areas go into emotional areas and those emotional areas will cause an issue. You need to find the ethereal body that is causing the issue.

Example: A lady came in for a healing and had a tumor. Her 6th ethereal body was holding a lot of anger and hate and caused a tumor in her 9th ethereal body here. She was the result of that even though she was not angry here. We were able to see how she was storing everything. She was holding the anger. As a projection of another ethereal body you can be holding shit that you are not even aware of. When you have issues in another parallel universe you can project that in this psychical body. You have other psychical bodies in another universe but you can not see that.

Let’s believe parallel universe #6 of Arturo is lighter then here in parallel #9. In the reality of that parallel Arturo may be a cat. He has a psychical reality in that parallel universe. Of course there is no equipment to prove this yet. You need to be in touch with your entire self, your higher self, your soul.

Question: If we have different parallel lives why cant we see or experience those other lives? 

Yes you can. As a human you need to access it through day dreaming, dreaming or meditation. You need to disconnect from your body and for you here it would seem like a dream but you are connecting to the other bodies.

If you connect to another ethereal body that lets say is very good at soccer you can be good at soccer in this psychical body. You can connect and start experiencing what the other body can do.

There is a way. We can make a class how to get in touch with your ethereal bodies. Through your dreams and day dreams you can access those bodies. You can ask right before you go to sleep, ask a direct question to yourself. Say show me my life in my second parallel universe. You may need to keep asking a few times. Then after you get it you may start day dreaming. People will say you are auto programming yourself.  Nope!

We are energy and the as psychical bodies we have levels of energy and those levels are there because of particles and these levels believe it or not, if you had particles inside of a balloon, then best way to move them is through thought and thinking process. 

Your higher self is in the 14th dimension. The highest and closest to the light. For us it apparently would not have a psychical thing but each parallel has a different vibration and energy. There is a reality in the 14th dimension. Just as a soul without a body you get all these lessons and experiences. Inside of the soul which is like a huge hard drive and there you have your consciousness and all the experiences and you can play whatever you want because there is no time and space for souls.

Maybe someday science will get there.

Levels of consciousness. Each parallel universe is a level of consciousness.

Now each level of consciousness from Level 1-6 are human consciousness 

Level 7-8 Extraterrestrial Consciousness 

Level 9-10 Angelic Consciousness 

Level 11-12 Mastery Consciousness (Masters)

Level 13 and 14 are Divinity or Divine 

1-2  People that are new here that just came to eat, have sex and die

3-4 More conscious and want to help more 

5-6 They are aware and more conscious and feel 

Extraterrestrials Consciousness- You can access to a more advanced conscious which is what we know as the 4th or 5th dimension but is actually the 7th and 8th dimension. 

7-8 These people are developing new technology, making magic with technology. These people are accessing these levels of consciousness. You want to help people more in a material way. 

9-10 These people are in the believe system and connection with angels. They believe in angels. Light beings. They come to Arturo during healings. We can access this. When you access the angelic level of consciousness it means you are not just conscious and caring of the world you care about people. You create a power in yourself to connect to the unseen forces to help people. 

11-12 Mastery represents a higher understanding of things. When you connect to that vibration to see how things work in this universe and you share it is a teacher here on earth and help to change the consciousness. We need one person on this earth to think better to spread it out into the collective consciousness for millions and millions of people to be better. Are you thinking of unity creating a community where everyone respects each other’s space or are you involved in unnecessary fuckery?

13 Divine- IF you are connected here everything is possible. Creativity, Love, Unconditional love, going back home. Everything is possible here.

Connect to your Divine. We all have that light in our hearts. It may be blocked sometimes by something that happened to you and you are afraid. Allow you’re divinity to come out and attach to unconditional love. Detach yourself from the things that are holding you back.


Channeled By Arturo Gaitan on Friday 7/3/20.