Destiny & Purpose

Let’s start with Destiny. 

There are categories. 

There are souls that have a predetermining destiny that they can not get out of and then their are souls that do not.

You may ask questions, am I on the right path? What is going on?

Destiny is in your hands. It is in your lines. A line that represents fate and destiny. 

You can become conscious of your destiny and accept it.

If you are right handed that is your future and left is past and if you are left handed vice versa. 

Curved line is life line

If your destiny crosses your head and heart line you can lose your shit very easy.

If the line is barely there you have a better chance to choose and it won’t be harsh. If it is there and deep you can not get out of your destiny no matter what.

The universe has 4 main principles that are responsible for your every day life.





If you can not find what your destiny is then you will have to experience a miserable life. This could be in work, relationships, and you feel like there is something else.

By knowing your destiny you do something that is so hard for others. You live a life of joy and purpose. 

When someone asks Arturo what is the reason he gets up every morning?

It is because he has a purpose. Not just a goal. A goal is short term but a PURPOSE.

Your destiny is already determined by your soul and will not change. Your road to get there can.

Your soul chose your parents and what you need to do in order to fulfill your destiny. For example you need to be a leader and you chose parents that are always talking about leaders and putting you in camps. You may hate it and feel obligated. Then you aren’t with the parent and you grow and start working and the company says you are a leader and you get put in the position of a leader. You think are you kidding me?? It is because you can not escape your destiny.

You can astrology to know your destiny or what it is about.

If you are not conscious of your destiny and not paying attention, you will live a life of being stuck in many ways. Why? You feel stuck because you do not have direction. You don’t have direction because you don’t have it and you don’t accept your destiny. When you don’t know where you are going, you can walk in circles and be stuck. 

You can accept your destiny and still fight it. 

It is like someone telling you get in your car and drive. You would say where? Well you would want to know where right? That is destiny. You need to know where you are going or you go in circles. 

How can astrology help you figure out your destiny?

The 7 days of the week you are born.

Look at what happened the day you were born. Check day 1-7. It would determine your life lessons. The life lessons will show you what you need to do.

Go back to being 10 years old. What is that thing you used to love to do??

Now think of all the jobs you have in your life and figure out the skills you got from that job. They may have something in common. Now see the pattern and put it together with what you loved to do when you were 10.

Spirit will train you to love and hate and shape you back into whatever your destiny is.

Question: What if you find resistance because your purpose is not clear? It means your purpose is actually VERY clear and your soul will bring you into situations that will push you and push you. You need to follow your destiny. You will suffer a lot if you keep resisting. 

It means your destiny is very strong and it is like something is trying to force you to do something. What happens when someone try’s to force you to do something? YOU RESIST!

If you don’t want to have resistance you need to accept your purpose and TRUST! Don’t even trust yourself. As a human you can fuck it up. Spirit created the universe very detailed and precise and knows more then us and is bigger then us. Your purpose will help you to stop resisting and live a life of purpose. It will feel great. You will wake up every day no matter how messed up you are and you will do something towards that purpose and you are happy and you will feel pumped up. That is having a purpose. 

Having a purpose is even if you don’t like your purpose you will accept it and you will readapt your mind and body to enjoy most things in your life. MOST because most things are great but there can be something or someone that is not expected that messes with you. If you need energy, you don’t need coffee. YOU NEED A PURPOSE. It will give you so much energy you will be in wholeness and feel as one and determine and choose which road you take and how you enjoy your work and relationship.

If you know the difference between anger, sadness and fear would you not choose happiness?? Of course you would! 

The purpose is a mind set you can create. You practice choice. It is a great tool to get into your purpose. You choose to feel the way that you feel.

You have the power to change the way you feel JUST BY THINKING that you want to feel different. You have the power if you are crying to tell yourself to stop that shit and feel better. How do you choose to feel? Funny, happy, productive, efficient. Take action. That will make the difference.

How would you like to live a life with purpose? Ask yourself what is my purpose? If you could choose your purpose what would that be?

What is a purpose that you want that will help you to get up everyday and make you happy to get up?

We have all made a lot of mistakes and been abused and been through so much! In the final day we will not be judged. Arturo discovered very early that God, Spirit, Universe is smarter then that and created the law of compensation that allows you to pay for your mistakes right here right now. When you go at the form of a soul you may be paying something else but everyday you judge yourself and need to pay because of the law of compensation.

Which road/destiny would you like to have?

Your purpose in life is to get there to your destiny and be dedicated to do something you like.

For Arturo happiness is to be able to help people because that is what makes him happy. He is doing what he loves to do. Listening to a lot of shit to turn it into something better! To give direction.

Connect to the frequency vibration of Destiny and purpose. To open those channels. To be more clear where we are going and discover that road easier and enjoy it.

At the age of 10, Arturo observed you actually have the opportunity to start and choose the way you will go in life with your destiny. It is the age you will start needing more definition from the father and the male would be more connected to the mother. That will determine how easy it is for you to look at the future and destiny. Somewhere along the lines we lose our passion for our purpose. At that age we are conscious of our passion and love it.

Left is female

Right male 

Middle neutral 

The middle you are more powerful then male or female energy.

Neutral is the most powerful and gives you the power of choice. 

Life is easier then pressing a button but nobody will do it for you. You need to make the decision and life will change overnight to get you in the direction you choose to go!

Channeled By: Arturo Gaitan on Friday 7/10/20