Valuing yourself! What is key? Stop giving yourself to others. Your value will increase. It has to do with your energy. Your interaction with others. Give your energy, someone takes your energy. You need to recover the self. Boundaries, create boundaries. 

Principle of relationships if done correctly. The secret, learn to push and pull! If you push someone they push back and create resistance. They come back. When you pull someone, they go away. What is pulling? Grabbing attention. The person pulls away. If a person doesn’t want to talk to you, push them instead of pulling. It’s about energy. You take away someone’s value by pulling them. You get pulled you lose the self. 

Relationship not going well? Push don’t pull.   pulling comes when you regain your value. FOCUS On yourself. Do things for you. 2020 is a year of love. True real love.

2 is Love, Compromise, Romantic Love 

Do you have problems with relationships on the outside? You need to see what your relationship is with yourself! How do you treat yourself?

Rule of happiness. 

First me, then me, always me.

Being enthusiastic about everything you do! You’re the one to decide how to be. Sad, angry, happy. 

Remember you can keep a good relationship with someone forever if you both want it! 

Those imprints you have are emotional and physical. You need to get rid of them with your mind so you can move forward and be happy! Here’s to a good relationship with yourself and happiness! 

Channeled By Arturo Gatian on 2/7/20