Love & Light

Animals, babies, humans feel through the vibration of your words. Love & light is what people are saying and using as a new way of blessing.

God and the universe work with specifics.

Power of spirit is right there when you focus more on something specific.

What limits you more darkness or light? THE LIGHT. Darkness has no limits. 100% related to the 3rd eye.

Vibration of love is particular and strong. Unity. Higher self. 

Light represents the part of the energetic mode your going to be in spirit. It is radiation. No sun? No life or everything would be frozen.

Love and light is particular.

Universe connects people in a grid.

The transpersonal chakra is the 8th chakra. It allows you to connect with others and also send specific blessings.

When you send love you allow yourself to be connected to another person heart to heart. 

The universe fulfills your heart with more energy to send to that person to heal something else they need.

The right brain connects you to the blessings of love.

Spells can be blessings too. Depends on the intentions. 

What do you do when you feel someone is sending bad intentions or blessings? Your mind will tell you or give you a feeling of who it is.

When you have a feeling someone is doing witchcraft , your mind will tell you. Your mind will want to burn spirit through emotions. It will make you feel angry, no spirit etc.  Emotional level will go up and burn spirit. It will be more powerful than spiritual and affect your body. Emotional level is high. That is what witchcraft does to people. It fuels the things that happen to you. Negative things.

The key is to deactivate your mind from being in the emotion and make spirit BIGGER! Emotion will go down and spirit will go up! Allow spirit to come to your body. Change your perspective and spirit will grow. 

Once you start getting bad thoughts, STOP! FOCUS ON THE LIGHT!  Picture yourself in a dark hole. Sadness. Visualize up. SEE a tiny light in the sky and FOCUS. You will start to notice a change in temperature in the body. Never attack back when being attacked when you are weak. Attack back when you are stronger. Once spirit goes into your body FOCUS ON WHAT YOU WANT!! Not what you don’t.  Do this and nothing will harm you. Light will help you to get up.

Key is in the emotions. High emotions lower energy. High vibration—> focus on light. Spirit is coming from the soul —> more powerful, low vibration —>emotions —>human.

Only thing you can take as a guarantee is your BELIEF! You attach yourself to your purpose. It will help you to have a higher vibration. 

Quantum physics behind a blessing —> you activate particles that vibrate in another time and place for another person.

Bless yourself first then send yourself love and light.

Meditation will open channels to receive and send more love and light.

Channeled By: Arturo Gaitan on Friday 1/18/2019