Soul Contracts

What is a soul contract? It is a predetermining Destiny. It is predefined. It needs to happen. You have no control over it and it will happen no matter what. Your soul made the contract and the human is not aware. Soul contracts could be having to be in a certain relationship to teach you …

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Past Lives

Past lives are like memories that are in our soul. There are 2 main powers behind what we call polarity.  There is a 3rd power bigger than anything called neutrality. Religion explains to you God created us and God is God and the Devil is bad. What is that? Polarity! Who invented God and the …

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When Arturo was little he remembers that his Grandma was a gynecologist and he used to watch the babies being born. He saw that babies are just an extension of the mom until they are born. When the baby is born Arturo could see the soul, the light come down and attach to the baby. …

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