Alyssa aims to help access the subconscious using the tarot to channel messages catalyzing growth and healing. Alyssa connects numerology and astrology to manage the current energy the planetary alignment is producing. She independently studies sociology and psychology to understand human nature. Alyssa connects her studies in cultural, personal trauma and how it relates to individual soul advancement. She uses crystals to aid in chakra healing and balancing. Alyssa’s intuitive abilities offer a calm and grounded nature to her sessions. Her approach allows for intuitive and logical development offering tools to align mind, body, and spirit. Alyssa’s goal in each session is to empower your potential to wholeness.

Alyssa is available:

Friday 11 – 6pm and Sunday 11 – 5pm

Sessions are available in person, by phone and online through Zoom.

Call 619-296-1560 for more information and to book your appointment today!