Arturo Gaitan is a world-renowned metaphysical healer, mentor, spiritual physicist, and light warrior. He has always been a spiritual prodigy, a magnificent and beautiful soul. He discovered his intuitive abilities in childhood after a spiritual awakening at the age of 7. It was at that point Arturo realized he was different than most humans. He was able to see and comprehend things that nobody else could even imagine. He often says he wishes he could take a picture of what he sees so that everyone could see what he can see. The channel of communication from the Designers of The Universe was wide open for him to learn and receive downloads. It was at that moment that he accepted his life purpose to help humanity! If you know Arturo you know that he has a deep and profound love for humanity and has dedicated his life to changing the collective consciousness, raising the vibration of the planet, and mastering his abilities to transform the lives of others. 

At the age of seven, Arturo had already begun to explore and comprehend many of life’s universal principles. Through his incredible intuition, and sensitive observational and reasoning skills, he developed an excellent talent for interpreting numbers, symbols, and metaphors as they relate to dreams and everyday life.
This deeper understanding, combined with his innate sensitivities to the frequencies and vibrations of the body, mind, and soul, and his profound connection with spirit, set him on his path as a healer, teacher, and spiritual guide. 
In his sessions, Arturo uses his intuition to help clients find simple, natural, and practical ways to become the best version of themselves. With his help, clients will no longer be in fear by achieving focus, will achieve true freedom, personal, emotional, and spiritual transformation and strength, set better boundaries, choose wisely when making decisions, and manifest success in all areas of life.  The way he helps clients to get these results is by reprogramming traumatic events, removing energetic imprints from traumatic life events and complexes with his simple, natural, and unconventional method of regressions. He provides for clients a clear vision of the future and outcomes by using powerful deep visualization techniques. This will make the client feel free and empowered to manifest success in different areas of life. Arturo has helped thousands of clients in over 30 years to completely transform their lives! He connects directly to the source and helps every single client from his heart. 
Arturo is truly passionate about helping people get the best results from their sessions and guiding others in taking their next best step.
With his understanding of spiritual principles, his amazing intuition, and as a business owner for over 30 years, he has also developed the ability to guide and coach organizations, as well as individuals, to tap into their true potential by creating meaningful and successful strategies for success.

Arturo has spent his life working in the spiritual realm while still maintaining a balance in the physical realm. He works directly with the source and pure spirit. Arturo practices what he preaches. He lives and breathes his teachings, healings, and methods. They are tried and true, direct from source energy, channeled and created by Arturo to share with you and all of humanity. 
He has created and developed several simple and powerful methods for emotional healing and efficient and extremely effective reprogramming, in which he helps people to truly understand their human existence, how to develop a deeper and more meaningful life through self-awareness, personal healing, and accountability, and by teaching how to connect with your soul and spirit. 


• Breakthroughs in love, personal, careers, business, life purpose
• Moved forward in life by discovering their life purpose and destiny
• Recovered from fatal illnesses
• Become an entrepreneur who travels the world
• Transformed and boosted their coaching business
• Sold their companies for 100 times what they expected
• Removed emotional wounds in one session 
• Achieved spiritual awakenings & understanding of spirit and how spirit really works
• Connected with their soul and spirit
• Learned how to use their powers to heal themselves & help others
These are just to name a few. 

Arturo’s life mission is to empower people to see their unique essence, to live with the ecstatic joy of divine purpose, develop consciousness, gain emotional control, inner peace, and learn the true codes of the universal order.
Arturo deeply knows what it’s like to feel different, like the outcast of life, with extremely challenging life circumstances. If you have worked with Arturo personally, you know that he is a character like no one else. His heart is pure and infinite, his humor is quirky, and his love is unconditional.

It’s not easy to be so energetically aware, to feel so much, to see so much, and to have such an optimistic view of the healing of the planet, amongst so much negativity. It’s no simple task to be a soul that has signed up to carry a vibration of awakening.
It’s oftentimes very lonely to constantly be the light amongst the dark, to be the hope inside of resignation.
The more conscious souls often have the most challenging life circumstances to rise up from, the deepest past wounds to heal, the loudest anxiety to calm, and the most incessant worries to overcome in order to do their life’s purpose. 
You may find yourself daydreaming about possibilities for your life, seeing grand visions of the world, planning to do something extraordinary for the service of the planet, the universe, and humanity.
During these seasons of growth, you may experience a lot of frustration and emotions that can feel like unwanted attacks such as fear, doubt, overwhelm, and overall heaviness.

This is what Arturo calls the Path of The Soul’s Calling.
When your soul is calling you to honor what you signed up for before you took the body that you are in now.
Your Great Destiny.

So what does it actually take to be free from yourself, free from your emotions, free from the limiting control of society? What does it take to heal from the inside out, overcome your inner critic, and discover the soul you came here to be? The answer is….. healings and methods directly from the source, a connection with Spirit, and that is exactly what Arturo has been gifted with to share with you!

Arturo knows the soul contract you made in this lifetime! He can see your soul, your path, your purpose, where you are now, what is holding you back and where you need to go. He won’t just tell you this but he can also help and guide you to take the steps to get you to your destiny!
Are you ready? The time is NOW! Arturo is here to bring to humanity The Draleon Consciousness.


The draleon is the combination of two main vibrations that are set in this planet—the Dragon and Lion consciousness.

1. Dragon— The metaphor of the dragon is here to represent knowledge.
Knowledge and intellect is a leading tool of the human consciousness,
it is one of our greatest powers, but it can also be our greatest weakness.
The Dragon brings us the lie and the truth, the manipulation, and the light.
We call this “The Ego.” It can make us believe we have all the answers,
when we should really humble ourselves to being a student.

2. Lion— The metaphor of the lion is here to represent wisdom.
In its nature, it is simple, pure instincts of nature, to complete the task at hand.
Dragon + Lion = Draleon Consciousness.
Where knowledge is put into action. 
Where true planetary balance is achieved. 
Where courage meets practicality. 
Where harmony is restored.
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“We are surrounded by darkness, infinite space, a seemingly empty void.
It’s in the darkness that all the possibilities of creation exist.
We need darkness to create the light. And it’s far too common for people to fear the darkness, but we must learn to embrace the darkness as a realm of limitless creation potential.

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